Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Harry's Week Two

For everyone wondering where to get hold of the tracks chosen by me on Week Two of we are for your listening pleasure. Links galore so go have a gander.

First off I played TV On The Radio - I Was A Lover, which you can find on TV On The Radio came top of many, many bloggers Top 50s of the year, and their first album 'Desperate Youths and Bloodthirsty Babes' won the American version of the Mercury Music Prize just to give an idea of how many people are going mad about them. 'Dirty Whirl' and 'Staring At The Sun' are two others by the band that are worth checking out. That's a homework assignment.

Next up was Grizzly Bear - Easier, the opening track from the album 'Yellow House' which was high up in the same poll on . It's a beautiful song from a parallel universe where Disney is in charge. As the text on the show said, the words 'grizzly bear' do roll off the tongue - as if you needed another reason to listen to this song.

The debate over albums leaking onto the net long before release dates was illustrated by new Modest Mouse track Dashboard (ironic, no?) which is from the forthcoming album 'We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank' which is the best album title I've heard since 'What's The Time Mr Wolf?' by The Noisettes. This song is everything thats great about American guitar music turned to eleven, with more strings, more sunshine and more bounce. Find it at the fantastically named . Highly Recommended.

When it got to discussing Remixes (Re-mixes? Remixs? Re-mixs?) I played the Filthy Dukes Society Remix of The Maccabees - X-Ray which is a sterling example of a great remix and not a lazy one. The Maccabees are going places fast and this is a great alternative version of one of their earlier singles. It's at of course.

Next up I stumbled upon where I came across the short but very sweet Booji Boy High - Twist Myself Again, an Hot Chip side project also on DFA Records. It's essentially Hot Chip with added griminess which is no bad thing.

Finally I played Union of Knives - Evil Has Never, which is a sort of White Rose Movement-Electro/Indie-type thing. I like. You should too. They're playing this Friday (23/02/07) in Manchester Roadhouse if you have discovered your cup of tea.

Me and Andy also tag-teamed on the final track, the stupidly fantastic You! Me! Dancing! by Los Campesinos who are (obviously) from Cardiff, Wales as you can tell by the name. say "you want to hold their hand while they cross the street, buy them ice cream when they've been good, I'll even carry them inside when they fall asleep, even if I know they're just pretending for the free ride. And I don't put up with that from just any band". Wise words indeed. Catch them at The Late Rooms for those in Manchester on Sunday March 4th...Andy and I will both be there so you can play student radio Where's Wally.

So there we have it...consider yourselves set free into the wild to pursue your own lives again. Go!

Harry x

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