Friday, 23 March 2007

Harry's Final Week (Ridiculously Belated)

Firstly apologies for my extended absence, a combination of last-week-of-broadcast madness, essay hell on a whole new level and having the new Arcade Fire record on repeat. But here we are, the final Anablogue listings of the broadcast...

I began on the desk which was novel, before guiding you all through the more guitar-based elements of the blogging world. First track was WinterKids - All The Money, an instant indie-disco classic...although I still don't know where Peaslake is. This was from Hotly Tipped for 2007 (Part One) on the the one-and-only Good Weather For Airstrikes which passed me by first time round as it was hidden among the more obvious tips of Lily Allen and Klaxons. Album Memoirs is out 09/04/07 on Little House records.

Next up was a return to Noise For Toaster who were going mad for the new Field Music record Tones Of Town. I played Give It Lose It Take It, the album opener which is fairly indicative of where they're coming from; kinda edgy, soaring harmonies and a healthy dose of synth. Definitely worth a look.

My first section was concluded with Sharks by Bear Colony, not as morbid as I may have implied but then again not as good either. Perfect Postal Service-y verses but let down by the chorus which (in the words of grandparent everywhere) is just noise. Sounded better in my room than over the airwaves, honest. Find it at All Things Go.

On my return I finally got round to playing I Was A Cub Scout - Pink Squares, found at Nothing But Green Lights, the excellent UK-music-only blog. They make a whole lot of restrained noise for a two piece (contradiction in terms deliberate), but the marriage of electronic and emotional really works for me on this and is certainly pretty good for a 2-piece boyband. Could well do big things this year so keep an eye out.

Next up was Maps-Sparks In The Snow, which has rarely been off my mp3 player since I found it 3 weeks ago. Beautiful organ and vocals which could disappear in a strong gust of wind. English Sigur Ros is perhaps a bit misleading, but it's atmospheric and will gently worm its way into your brain. I found it at Good Weather For Airstrikes, and am looking for more Maps as we speak. Incidentally, if you like this then also check out Breaker by Low which has a similar fee: have a look on The Hype Machine.

I bit the bullet and played Brianstorm, the new single by Arctic Monkeys to see what people thought of it more than anything else, so thank you to those who let us know your thoughts. I stand by my opinion that this is really strong comeback, a bit louder and a bit less reliant on witticisms, instead concentrating on making the biggest impression as possible on the unbelievers. I won't tell you where I found this version because there are far better available; again, get yourself to The Hype Machine or even better buy it when it emerges in the shops on April 16th.

I then played you One of Two by Sky Larkin, who supported Anablogue-favourites Los Campesinos the previous night in Manchester Late Rooms. I played Somersault when Rich from High Voltage was in when I really should have played this: it's like a kick in the stomach followed by an order to dance or be thrown out onto the street. Perfect vocals over a circular-saw guitar line. Essential listening from Good Weather For Airstrikes.

The much-coveted final track of the broadcast was filled by Midlake with their track Roscoe. It could be Radiohead which is praise indeed. I stumbled upon an Erol Alkan remix of this on Gorilla vs Bear which I really didn't rate, but it did encourage me to find the original and very glad I was too.

So there we have it, a wrap-up of the swift four week stint that was Anablogue. Thanks to everyone who listened and got involved, to Rich for coming in and of course to Andy for getting me involved on the Anablogue project. But who may not have heard the last of us yet...

Harry x

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Fuzzy Scuzzy Synthy Goodness

Well first up for my last show was the highlights of the last instalment of GWFAS Hotly Tipped. I played The Whip - Trash, an artists both Harry and I were fighting over, and also an artist from the Manchester based High Voltage label run by Rich Cheetham who came in onto the show last week. If you like what you hear then you can see them live, along with The KBC, !!!, and The Longcut at the High Voltage 4th Birthday Night on the 20th March at the Ritz.

Next up from Derek Davies' top list I chose Pull Tiger Tail and their track Animator, a band from London, who have been embracing the file sharing love by offering up singles for free download. However, much to our disappointment they had removed the tracks because of more than 5000 people downloading it - probably a consequence of NME's recent hype rather than my brief mention and subsequent play.

Finally, I played Cut Off Your Hands - You and I, the best slice of punk to come out of New Zealand since Zane Lowe. Instantly likeable, these boys have joined Snow Fight In The City Centre and their Lisa Brown debacle in deciding their first EP name was in fact a better title for their band rather than a subtitle of what it has to offer. If that didn't make any sense then read Derek's post.

After an instalment of Harry [the last full 3 track instalment of Harry on Anablogue this broadcast :-( ], I dived straight into some electronica by playing you the Miami Horror Remix of Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You, only a slight modification of the original it throws in a bit of cowbell at the start and then dives into a dark dirty rumble of a bass line that for some reason made me want to do the dance from Michael Jackson's Thriller. This track is currently all over the place. I found it at Chazology, but its a part of the recent selection of remixes on Palms Out Sounds.

Keeping in line with the squeaks and bleeps, a quick trip to Headphone Sex turned up trumps with The Black Ghosts - Any Way Your Choose To Give It (Boy 8-bit Remix). An awesome dose of fuzzy bass which had me reaching for my NES controller if only to listen to the Super Mario Bros 3 soundtrack.

To round up this selection before Harry and I went back to back for the last twenty minutes I found MSTRKRFT - She's Good For Business at Different Kitchen. MSTRKRFT are the remix and electronica remnants of Death From Above 1979 [check out the Phones Lovers Remix of Romantic Rights]. The 1979, an addition of course to differentiate them from DFA Records and the James Murphy collective. Talking of which James Murphy [also of LCD Sound System] has a blog over at that Manchester based daily broadsheet, The Guardian.

Going back to back with Harry led me first to Simian Mobile Disco - Tits and Acid which was unfortunately cut short. Nevertheless it was available from the SXSW website where you can download and stream a number of tracks from artists playing this year. Check out Another Record for their prime cuts of the electronica this year.

Finally my last track was another High Voltage classic: Dead Disco - The Treatment (Metronomy Remix). Its not exactly new, and has been available at many good blogs [including GWFAS no less] but this time I found it at Missing Toof [only on the third listening of the show did I get that play on words] who described the bands work as "hip and fun and always danceable". Too right kido.

And that's that from me. Thanks so much to all those that have listened and given comments on the show. So big-ups to Jam Bamkin, Fiona Young, Dave Biggin, Adam Lynch, Aarron Bradshaw, Andy Tuffin, Cat Howe, and Katie Bilboa [amongst many more - see Harry's roll call]. If you have any comments or find some excellent tunes/blogs in the future then do not be afraid to comment, we'd love to hear from you.



Monday, 5 March 2007

You! Me! Dance?


Unfortunately that time has come upon us: the end of the broadcast. Which is why Harry and I are going to go out with the best show to date! Expect a heavy dose of GWFAS propoganda, and my danciest show to date [but good dance, not crap dance].

Harry and I have already been fighting over which songs to play, but you can definitely expect music from The Whip, Cut Off Your Hands, Pull Tiger Tail, Stardust, The Black Ghosts, MSTRKRFT, Simian Mobile Disco and much more [well, no, thats a lie, Harry has to play his songs too].

Tune in 103.5 FM [Manchester] or online at


Thursday, 1 March 2007

Quick Fire...Week Three

Evenin' All,

Bit of a different format this week, with Rich from High Voltage in the studio presenting an informed view on this whole blogging thing. I was initially scared he was going to march in and shut us down for bankrupting his record label...lucky for us he was a thoroughly sound guy who had loads of interesting points to raise. So to Harry's week three...

First I tried to win approval with the appallingly-named We Smoke Fags with Eastenders found at; if it sounded any more like Terror by The Rakes it would actually have been Terror by The Rakes. On first listen I thought this track was great...on second listen, not so good. You win some, you lose some...I then tried with Somersault by Sky Larkin which was more successful (I could tell by Rich's head-nodding) but I think I was still the biggest fan of that particular track in the studio: find it at They're supporting Los Campesinos on Sunday (04/03/07) in the Late Rooms so check them out on The Hype Machine...I would recommend the track One of Two next.

My last song with Rich still around was the new single by The Rakes - We Danced Together - remixed by SebAstian (from As soon as the track started Rich let us know his dislike for all things Rakes so it was onto a loser from the start. No way near as good as the Klaxons Remix we aired in Week One but I think it's a great way of increasing the longevity of a great comeback single.

On entering the final part of the show I threw the proverbial kitchen sink at the mixing desk to win Andy's (and hopefully your) approval. The genius mash-up that was Crazy, As She Goes by The Raconteurs vs Gnarls Barkley (with a smattering of the Grandmaster Flash) got my final section off to a blinder. So many great covers and mash-ups of that track already but this is one of the best in my oh-so-humble opinion. Get it at

I finished off with a live XFM session track, Dans Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - The Beat That My Heart Skipped, from, which was for anyone who loved Thou Shalt Not Kill from Week One. Not quite as immediate as that perhaps but give it a few spins and see if you don't love it.

Exit music this week was supplied by Los Campesinos for the second week running, with their ace track Sweet Dreams Sweet Cheeks, another fantastic offering for the Cardiff band who can do no wrong.

See you on Sunday at the Late Rooms...and for the final Anablogue Radio Show. At least 15% better than every other radio show you'd care to mention.

Harry x