Friday, 23 March 2007

Harry's Final Week (Ridiculously Belated)

Firstly apologies for my extended absence, a combination of last-week-of-broadcast madness, essay hell on a whole new level and having the new Arcade Fire record on repeat. But here we are, the final Anablogue listings of the broadcast...

I began on the desk which was novel, before guiding you all through the more guitar-based elements of the blogging world. First track was WinterKids - All The Money, an instant indie-disco classic...although I still don't know where Peaslake is. This was from Hotly Tipped for 2007 (Part One) on the the one-and-only Good Weather For Airstrikes which passed me by first time round as it was hidden among the more obvious tips of Lily Allen and Klaxons. Album Memoirs is out 09/04/07 on Little House records.

Next up was a return to Noise For Toaster who were going mad for the new Field Music record Tones Of Town. I played Give It Lose It Take It, the album opener which is fairly indicative of where they're coming from; kinda edgy, soaring harmonies and a healthy dose of synth. Definitely worth a look.

My first section was concluded with Sharks by Bear Colony, not as morbid as I may have implied but then again not as good either. Perfect Postal Service-y verses but let down by the chorus which (in the words of grandparent everywhere) is just noise. Sounded better in my room than over the airwaves, honest. Find it at All Things Go.

On my return I finally got round to playing I Was A Cub Scout - Pink Squares, found at Nothing But Green Lights, the excellent UK-music-only blog. They make a whole lot of restrained noise for a two piece (contradiction in terms deliberate), but the marriage of electronic and emotional really works for me on this and is certainly pretty good for a 2-piece boyband. Could well do big things this year so keep an eye out.

Next up was Maps-Sparks In The Snow, which has rarely been off my mp3 player since I found it 3 weeks ago. Beautiful organ and vocals which could disappear in a strong gust of wind. English Sigur Ros is perhaps a bit misleading, but it's atmospheric and will gently worm its way into your brain. I found it at Good Weather For Airstrikes, and am looking for more Maps as we speak. Incidentally, if you like this then also check out Breaker by Low which has a similar fee: have a look on The Hype Machine.

I bit the bullet and played Brianstorm, the new single by Arctic Monkeys to see what people thought of it more than anything else, so thank you to those who let us know your thoughts. I stand by my opinion that this is really strong comeback, a bit louder and a bit less reliant on witticisms, instead concentrating on making the biggest impression as possible on the unbelievers. I won't tell you where I found this version because there are far better available; again, get yourself to The Hype Machine or even better buy it when it emerges in the shops on April 16th.

I then played you One of Two by Sky Larkin, who supported Anablogue-favourites Los Campesinos the previous night in Manchester Late Rooms. I played Somersault when Rich from High Voltage was in when I really should have played this: it's like a kick in the stomach followed by an order to dance or be thrown out onto the street. Perfect vocals over a circular-saw guitar line. Essential listening from Good Weather For Airstrikes.

The much-coveted final track of the broadcast was filled by Midlake with their track Roscoe. It could be Radiohead which is praise indeed. I stumbled upon an Erol Alkan remix of this on Gorilla vs Bear which I really didn't rate, but it did encourage me to find the original and very glad I was too.

So there we have it, a wrap-up of the swift four week stint that was Anablogue. Thanks to everyone who listened and got involved, to Rich for coming in and of course to Andy for getting me involved on the Anablogue project. But who may not have heard the last of us yet...

Harry x

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