Friday, 16 February 2007

Everybody Loves An Ed Banger

Its very late I know, but I've finally got round to doing the track listing from last Monday's show.

I warmed up everyone up with The Royal We - All The Rage which Derek from GWFAS describes as "the perfect indie-pop equivalent of 'Hey Ya' ". An off looking bunch from Glasgow you can find out more about them on their myspace.

I started my special on the emerging, if not already hatched, French Electronica scene with a remix I first heard in Sankey's played by Adam Freeland backin 2006. Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen (Ruined By Justice) featured once again on the fast becoming legendary GWFAS, but was a big hit across the blogosphere, especially at Discobelle who has featured the Parisian duo a number of times in quick succession here, here, and more recently regarding the release of the new EP D.A.N.C.E. here. And if that eased you in to the cut and paste side of Justice the following track Waters of Nazareth pushed you out of the way and kicked you while you were down. No wonder it made Disc 1 of GWFAS latest M3 compilation. The last track of my French fifteen minutes was Klaxons - Golden Skans (SebastiAn version 1.2.0 Remix) which was kindly shared by Hianta over at Fluo Kids. SebastiAn is fellow label mate of Gaspard and Xavier and his single Ross Ross Ross is another explosive journey into this new sound.

Next up on my part was a focus on GWFAS Top 50 Tracks of 2006. In at number 3 was Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle, and at number 4 was 65 Days of Static with Radio Protector which were both a more chilled out affair.

The competition track to win guest passes to Micron at Joshua Brooks I can now reveal was Vitalic - La Rock 01 which of course features on the 2 Many DJs - As Heard On Radio Soulwax Part 2.

Finally, Harry and I ended the show with what has to be me new favourite band The Wombats, and their track Moving To New York. The music blog world has practically gone mad for this Liverpudlian trio and have featured on GWFAS, Nothing but Green Lights, Both Sides of the Mouth, Headphone Sex, and more. The major irony of this band being that I found out a band just down the road via a blogger from the states. Shows what I know eh?

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aaron said...

Suprised you played no Erol Alkan Remixes or production. Hope you will on monday

I do a blog, only started this week, think it'll be uffie and prob Erol on tomorrow if I get time