Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Episode 4

Okay sticking to the same format of last week... HERE WE GO!

Most Hyped Blog Of The Week

After some initial confusion with a music blogging platform called MOG which turned out to be a bit of a walled garden, I cut the crap and went straight for Get Weird Turn Pro, a predominantly electronic music blog from a chappy based in Manchester [la la la].

The track that caught by eye went a long with some NME bashing which is all good in my opinion. Bloc Party - Flux (JFK Remix) is really starting to grow on me, I was initially sceptical of the much flouting squeaking and bleeping, but what really carries this tune off are the rythmic keys that pace it from start to end.

Front Page Choice Cut

Again a wide range of tracks to choose from. Some notable runners included the Punks Jump Up remix of Robyn's With Every Heartbeat at Versus; The More Your Know feature at Butter Team in much the same vain as Pirates of the Bargain Bin last week, this week focusing on Deborah's; an awesome selection of 80s hip hop and electro at bounce/oz; and Snow Queen by Oh Astro at Keepin It Right Radio.

However, in start contrast to the predominately electronic flavour of this weeks show my Frontpage Choice Cut this week is Alberta Cross - Hard Breaks which I found at The Leather Canary. An East London duo who are about to bury themselves in a Welsh country cottage somewhere to record some new material. Make sure you check out their myspace.

New M3 Mix CD!

Whooot! After almost a year of almost killing himself Derek Davies hits back with M3 Volume 16.

"Comprised predominantly of slammin’ rock and electro tracks that are ideal for driving at absurd speeds on dark highways, M3 Volume 16 is undeniably the hotness."

The track I played to celebrate Volume 16's release was the Numan-esque Bathroom Gurgle by local Castle Donnington boys Late Of The Pier. Myspace.

A Band I Saw Last Week

Cut Off Your Hands - Lovely Chaps

Last Sunday I saw Foals + Cut Off Your Hands + Eskimo Hoax at The Charlotte in Leicester. All the Skins kids were out, it was a fantastic contrast to the poor turnout in Derby for Sons and Daughters the previous week. In fact it got very rowdy indeed.

The stars of the show had to be Cut Off Your Hands, despite only playing six or seven songs because a very ill lead singer, they truly did get the place going after a somewhat docile Eskimo Hoax. So to celebrate their performance I played for you Cut Off Your Hands - Still Fond, a track which I think is a cross somewhere between The Maccabees and The Wombats - surely a winner there then.

They opened with Still Fond as you can see in my lovely video below...

Most Hyped Artist of the Week

Daft Punk @ Rockness 2007

With their Alive 2007 live album due for release next week in the US everyone is suitably going Daft Punk crazy, which is probably why they've topped the most hyped search and most hyped artist on the Hype Machine this week. Here is what a few bloggers have had to say...

"This CD makes you really appreciate why Daft Punk is so amazing... I like it when theres a tiny beat mismatch here and there just to let me know the artists is actually doing it. Its definitely a CD I would recommend picking up just because of the fact that they are incredible to listen to, their sets may be calculated but they are amazing."

And on some blogs its kick started ye olde 'sampling' debate. Crib artists or genius?

"Of all the reviewers discussing the new Daft Punk samples collection (not released by DP), Pitchfork was the kindest. "If Discovered: A Collection of Daft Funk Samples proves anything, it isn't that Daft Punk are surreptitious thieves - it's that they're transformative reinterpreters, and in more than a few cases, flat-out miracle workers." Agreed. But one of our least favorite tracks (Robot Rock) pales in comparison to Breakwater's Release the Beast (below) in terms of general party starting merit."

The best blog post I have found which gives you an idea of Daft Punk's sampling tendencies is a Sample Wednesday from Palms Out Sounds

"As you hear these tracks you'll either decide Daft Punk isn't as genius as you thought they were or that they're twice as amazing."

I'll let you decide for yourselves with a mammoth 10 minute treat of Prime Time of Your Life / Brainwasher /Rollin ‘and Scratchin’ / Alive.

I hope you've enjoyed this weeks show, don't forget to leave a comment about what you think of it, or if you have any blogs or tracks that you think should be featured on next weeks show!

Ta ra.


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