Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Episode 2

Episode two is proof that I can be consistent, but it being Wednesday, not proof that I can be on time. Anyhow, bands featured in this weeks podcast include:
From blogs
First up this week I featured, or at least teased you with a few samples of songs by The Whip but instead played you their remix of Anyway You Choose To Give It by The Black Ghosts. It wasn't to spite you, its just dead good. Tracks courtesy of Red Threat and Get Weird Turn Pro.

Next up it was the turn of the heavy weight blog Said The Gramaphone where we all got confused about whether we were listening to The Knife, Grizzly Bear or CSS. However I can assure it was CSS covering Grizzly Bear's 'Knife'. That didn't help things did it...

At half time I moved away from the electronica and cuddled up to that cute scouse trio The Wombats and their track School Uniforms. Derek Davies of Good Weather For Airstrikes serving up the honours this time with a review of their debut album.

A return to the neon delights of Missing Toof turned up trumps with some EDM [dance music to you and me, more specifically electro]. Jason Tyler and his track Cause And Effect a self confessed oversight by the Missing Toof boys and girls. Nevertheless they made up for it by sharing a number of myspace rips, ah bless.

Finally the show ended with a return to the much neglected genre of drum and bass, and who better to rekindle our skanking dancing like no ones watching head bobbing antics than Welsh wonder High Contrast and his track Eternal Optimist from his latest album. Well spotted Turn The Page!

If you've enjoyed this podcast or have any views or opinions on the tracks played then don't forget to comment!


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