Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Episode 3

The Hype Machine as I found it this morning

Well, its all gone a bit feature mad this week on Anablogue, so in order of appearance the cast was...

Front Page Choice Cut

The idea behind this was as soon as I landed on the Hype Machine to start my research I had to play choose one of the tracks on the front page. It was a pretty difficult decision, its amazing the breadth and quality of tracks that can turn up in the first ten blog posts.

Of note was Hisato Higuch - Grow a fuzzy electro guitar based Japanese number I found at myjukebox, The Brit Box: Nonexistent Disc 6, a collection of indie classics from 1985-2000 at Sound Bites, and the novel feature of a selection of tunes in a Sesame Street style word of the day at Pirates of the Bargain Bin [this weeks word of the day: 'Protest'].

However, the best track I found was King of Prussia's 'Misadventures of the Campaign Kids' posted by John Laird of Side One: Track One. You can find out more about their new album Save The Scene at

A Band I've Seen Recently

Hardly the most inspiring name for a feature, but for the music it turns up a worthy one nevertheless.

Be warned, attractive bassists can distract from the correct sized purchase of tour t-shirts

I saw Sons and Daughters at The Clubroom, Derby, a rather miserable turn out by the audience but an incredible performance by Sons and Daughters themselves. If you do go and see them keep an eye out for their Johnny Cash and The Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog mash up, its much better live than my reconstruction.

I found Guilt Complex by Sons and Daughters at Flux Blog and it is due to be released on Monday 29th November with an exclusive B-Side cover of Adamski's Killer. Find out more about their forthcoming album and the rest of their tour at

Most Hyped Artist of the Week

This week's most hyped artist on the Hype Machine is Burial, and I played his track Ghost Hardware. Check out all the hype. Here is a slection:

"An apocalyptic adventure far beyond whatever can be called conventional about dubstep"

"The music is the perfect soundtrack for the cold winter days ahead; a distant and alien sounding collection of R&B vocal samples, emaciated beats and keyboards, and scratchy blips and bleeps"

"Burial certainly sticks close to his dubstep roots with dark moods, sparse rhythms, and emphasis on bass but its his ability to blend in much more subtle sounds that makes this a unique record"

"Although I'm certainly not hip enough to discuss the meaning of British "Grime," "2-Step," "Garage," or "Dubstep," as I have variously heard this music described, I can describe the sound as something like a Ghost In The Machine. With skittering electronic beats, ghostly keyboard washes, and soul vocal samples manipulated near the point of torture, Burial's Untrue sounds like some kind of aural missive from the next world, crackling and popping in the rain. This music is both haunted and haunting."

Find out more about Burial from The Guardian Arts website.

A Band I'm Going To See

Playing at The Charlotte in Leicester this Sunday with Cut Off Your Hands in support is Foals. The track I played, Hummer, has been doing the blogosphere circuit for a while now, and first blipped on my radar when it appeared on Derek Davies GWFAS M3 compilation series. You may also recognise this track from Channel 4 teenage drama Skins and the Skins Secret Party special episode.

Their myspace describes themselves as "Oxford Step", Speeding Up To Stop describes them as "Math Rock Afro-Beat", and the band describe themselves in a South Scene interview as "Autistic-Pop". Comment on this blog to let me know what you think.

Most Hyped Blog of the Week

As the screen shot above shows, this weeks most hyped blog is The Music Slut. There was an excellent selection of material to choose from including Calvin Harris remix, youtube interview with Justice, Foals remix and Jules Holland videos, and a cover of Monkey Man by Amy Winehouse.

However their best offering of the past few days has to be Nobody's Lover by Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings found here.

If you've enjoyed the podcast, or have any suggestions for tracks and blogs that should be featured in the next episode of Anablogue then leave a comment at the end of this post!

Thanks for listening!

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