Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Danger! Danger!

First off big thanks to Rich Cheetham of High Voltage Records/Fanzine/club night for coming in and talking to us on the show and being 'our expert in the studio' for the night. It definitely reminded me that its all too easy to get lost in the world of audio blogs and that we shouldn't rely on then entirely for our musical info, but rather should be a compliment to a selection of mediums.

First up I showcased some bands I found on that are playing at SXSW from the AMONLY and IHEARTCOMIX labels. First up was Foreign Islands - We Know You Know It who are currently touring the US with The Young Knives as part of their new mini-album launch of 'Restart Now'.

Rich: "I think it started off like a Maccabees B-side but then got a bit better. I guess if you're listening to something for the first time and you've never heard of them before there's that hook, its just a shame it lasted three minutes and not the thirty seconds like it should have done... it's one of those records that I bought but has stayed in a box since."

Secondly, was the very Editors-esque [on reflection incredibly so] Protokoll - Moving Forward. They appeared back in May 2006 at the High Voltage club night.

The first track chosen by Rich was from The Maple State, a group of lads from Stockport, and their track Wooden Rain, which may be available soon on the XFM Manchester website. After a fair amount of chat about the virtues and vices of audio blogs, electronic media, and file sharing networks Rich played a track from the forethcoming !!! album due 5th March called Bend Over Beethoven, !!! of course playing at the High Voltage 4th Birthday Party at The Ritz on 20th March.

Harry then took over the turntables to try and impress Rich with his selection of tunagé. I came back with The Black Ghosts - Face to end Rich's time with us. They are playing at the High Voltage night as a part of The Whip's single launch on 1st March. It is just the normal version mind, and not The Whip, Teenagers or Switch remix although there are some remixes knocking about at Pound For Pound.

From then on Harry and I played stuff pretty much back to back. I played Daft Punk - Human After All (Guy Man After All Justice Remix) so that all you Ed Banger addicts didn't go cold turkey for the week [see Distortion Disco], followed by my final SXSW track Matt & Kim - Yeah Yea, if you liked that more moosegick is available from My final track that I played before I ran off to a rather impromptu engagement with The Maccabees was a cover of L7's track Pretend We're Dead performed by CSS on Rob Da Bank's Radio 1 show which I found knocking about on Gorilla vs Bear.

Also worthy of note are the compilation/aggregation podcasts Not Your Usual Bollocks and Take Your Medicine [from the chap at Nothing But Green Lights]. They do what we do except without the banter in between the tracks... probably a bonus in some people's view.

Last show next week. I promise the best one so far!



Anonymous said...

your show sucks, put you ina box bitch

Andrew said...

Excellent. Constructive criticism as always. If you are referring to Rich's comment then he was a guest to the show and offering his opinion, not the opinion of Anablogue. If you had listened to the show you'd have realised I played the track because I liked it.